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Classified Title Director of Finance & Operations
Classified Description

 Rocky Hill Public Schools seeks Director of Finance & Operations. Start date July 01, 2014.

Job Description:

1.    Holds or is eligible for Connecticut State Department of Education certification as School Business Administrator in conformance with 
       Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-145d-231 through Section 10-145d-234.
2.    Proven ability to plan, organize and execute large scale administrative tasks, especially educational programs as they relate to budgets.
3.    Background in school business operation including purchasing, budgeting, accounting, maintenance, employee benefits insurance, lunch
       programs, transportation, and negotiations.
Superintendent of Schools SUPERVISES:
The operation and staff assigned to the accounting, payroll, purchasing, employee benefits, maintenance and custodial operations, and transportation functions.
To administer the business affairs of the district in such a way as to provide the best possible educational services within the financial resources available.
1.     Financial planning:
(a)    Develops and compiles, under the supervision of the Superintendent of Schools, in cooperation with principals and supervisors, the annual
        budget of the school system.
(b)    Develops and compiles annual and long-range plans and programs for capital improvements and capital projects in conjunction with the
        Director of Facilities Management.
(c)    Develops short and long-range plans for the fiscal operation of the school system.
(d)    Compiles data and reports relative to estimated annual revenues and cash flow, and advises the Superintendent of Schools on financial a
         affairs, future financial policy and immediate financial or funding problems.
(e)    Supervises and controls, in accordance with fiscal procedures, the expenditure of budget appropriations.

2.     Accounting and Auditing:
(a)    Supervises and controls payroll systems and procedures.
(b)    Supervises and controls accounts payable systems and procedures.
(c)    Develops data regarding unit costs and cost accounting systems and procedures.
(d)    Develops systems for the internal audit and control of expenditures and expenditure programs.
(e)    Maintains an up-to-date inventory of equipment and furnishings.
(f)     Serves as a resource person who furnishes advice regarding the legality and feasibility of financial transactions and procedures.
(g)    Is responsible for the complete operation of the district's employee medical insurance program.

3.     Purchasing, supply management and materials control:
(a)   Develops and supervises programs and procedures for the requisitioning and purchase of supplies, materials and equipment in accordance  
        with budget requirements and constraints.
(b)    Develops specifications and bidding procedures for the purchase of services, supplies and equipment.
(c)    Develops programs and procedures for the testing and evaluation of purchased goods and services.
(d)   Purchases by competitive bidding, by informal quotations, and by negotiations, items of supply and equipment for the operation of the school

4.     Operation and maintenance of plant and facilities:
(a)    Oversees the Director of Facilities Management concerning overall operation and maintenance of school plant and facilities.
(b)    In cooperation with the Director of Facilities Management targets high priority building maintenance programs.
(c)    Supervises the scheduling and evaluation of programs related to the community use of school facilities.
(d)    Serves with the Director of Facilities Management as representative of the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools in matters
         related to the construction and expansion of major improvements of plant and facilities.   Responsibilities in this capacity include:
         (1)  Planning meetings with building committees, architects and other appropriate officials and agencies.
         (2)  Meetings with appropriate officials of the State Department of Education.
         (3)  Submission of required grant application forms and documents to the State Department  of Education in accordance  with timelines 
               and schedules as established by legislative and state department mandates and requirements.
         (4)  Submission to the Superintendent on a regular basis of financial reports on appropriations allocated for new building construction and/or                 major programs of capital improvement or expansion.

5.     Personnel  management and supervision:
(a)    Is responsible for the management and supervision of non-certified personnel,  This includes:
         (1)   The recommendation to the Superintendent for employment, job placement, assignment  to an appropriate step on a specific salary 
                 program, supervision, and evaluation of all non­certified staff members.
         (2)   The establishment of appropriate working conditions, work analysis programs, disciplinary  procedures, and appropriate termination    
         (3)  Negotiations with unions which represent non-certified staff members including involvement  in grievance  procedures, mediation, fact-    
                finding and arbitration  procedures.
         (4)  Interpretations of terms of negotiated contracts to staff.
         (5)  The maintenance of up-to-date personnel records, reports and files on non-certified staff members.
         (6)  The evaluation, in writing, of performance of all personnel for whom he/she is responsible.
         (7)  Organization and maintenance of a computerized personnel file for all employees in order to provide information pertinent  to
                employment, transfer, tenure, leaves, retirement, certification, attendance, insurance,  salaries, and other significant  information.
         (8)  Responsible for overseeing recruitment and monitoring of substitute personnel.
         (9)  Establishment and maintenance of personnel handbooks.

6.     Transportation of pupils:
(a)    Is responsible for putting into effect Board of Education policies and regulations governing the transportation of school children.
(b)   Develops written specifications and requirements for the solicitation of bids and the award of contracts for the transportation of school children.
(c)   Oversees appropriate scheduling and routing procedures for the efficient and economical transportation of school children.
(d)   Develops appropriate systems and procedures for the regular supervision and inspection of contract bus transportation services.
(e)   Investigates all accidents immediately after they are reported and promptly informs the Superintendent of Schools.
(f)    Reviews and resolves complaints, concerns and special requests involving transportation of school students.

7.     Food services program:
(a)    Oversees the cafeteria operations and maintenance of the school cafeteria program, including:
         (1)  Monitoring of all expenses, revenues associated with the program.
         (2)  Processing of all state and federal forms and paperwork related to cafeteria services.
         (3)  Recommends to the Superintendent of Schools the annual pricing structure for lunches and related food products.

8.       Central office:
(a)    Supervises the operation of the central office, including:
         (1)  Recommendation to the Superintendent of plan for organization of the central office staff to ensure maximum efficiency of personnel and procedures.
         (2)  Periodic evaluation and reporting, in writing, of performance of personnel and of overall operation.
(b)    Arranges for timely compilation and transmittal of required fiscal reports and data to appropriate local, state and federal agencies.
(c)   Manages the school system's insurance and group insurance programs.
(d)   Attends all personnel negotiations sessions and serves as a resource person to Board negotiators.
(e)   As a member of the Central Office Administrative team, attends all meetings of the Board of Education and certain town meetings where  
(f)    Implements the decisions of the Superintendent of Schools regarding inclement weather days by communicating that decision to all 
        appropriate individuals and radio stations.
(g)    Performs all other duties as directed by the Superintendent of Schools.
Apply online at:

Contact Name Lynn Boisvert
Contact Phone 860-258-7706

Classified Title Thompson - School Business Manager
Classified Description

Thompson Public Schools - 785 Riverside Drive - North Grosvenordale, CT 06255

 Business Manager

 CT Department of Education Certification in Business Administration required.   $17+ Million Budget.  Salary commensurate with experience.

Please send a letter of intent, application from website,, resume, updated letters of recommendation, copy of transcripts, and copy of CT Certificate to:

Dr. Michael W. Jolin, Superintendent of Schools, 785 Riverside Drive, North Grosvenordale, CT 06255

Or apply through School Spring - follow link from school website home page at

Contact Name
Contact Phone

Classified Title Brookfield - Director of Business and Operations
Classified Description

 Brookfield Public Schools is seeking an exceptional leader with prior school finance and facilities experience, preferably in a similar, high performing district, who has demonstrated the following skills and abilities.

Requirements include:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the school district’s business operations, including budget development and management, accounting and reporting, risk management, pupil transportation, buildings and grounds maintenance, food service and purchasing and materials management;
  •  Comprehensive knowledge of local, state and federal statutes relating to public school districts;
  • Effective community and technology skills and strategies;
  • A collaborative approach to leadership with the ability to create a positive environment for students, staff, parents and the local community;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or Business required; Master’s Degree Preferred;
  • Minimum of five (5) years’ experience as a school Business Manager
 CT certification required as School Business Administrator (085) or Intermediate Administrator (092). Competitive Salary Commensurate with Education and Experience
Online applications only at
Application deadline is April 21, 2014
Applicants should apply online with cover letter to Anthony J. Bivona, Superintendent of Schools.
Attach documents, transcripts and certificate to application. No phone calls or paper copies.


Contact Name Genie Slone
Contact Phone 203-775-7622

Classified Title Windsor - Director of Business Services
Classified Description

Under the general supervision of the Superintendent of Schools, the successful candidate will be responsible for administering, supervising, coordinating and evaluating all business, financial, insurance, purchase and supply, payroll, planning, computer, food services, transportation and building and grounds services.

Sample Performance Responsibilities

  • Assist the Superintendent in the planning process, especially long-range financial planning.
  • Direct the school district's comprehensive effort in business and financial programs and services.
  • Be responsible for budget development and preparation, and serve as the district's budget control manager.
  • Submit monthly financial reports, detailing the status of budgetary accounts and programs.
  • Prepare financial reports as required by State and Federal agencies having jurisdiction over public school funds.

Administrative experience preferred.  Applicants must possess or be eligible for CT Certification (085) School Business Administrator

$118,000 - $131,000 Excellent Benefit Package

Application Process
Complete full on-line application packet, submit letter of interest,

Contact Name Mark Winzler
Contact Phone 860-687-2000 (229)

Classified Title Windsor - Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Classified Description

This key central office position reports directly to the Superintendent of Schools and provides leadership and direction in the overall management of personnel and labor relations for the district, including the following primary responsibilities:

  • Recruitment,  Hiring, and Retention of Instructional & Support Staff
  • Contract Negotiations and Administration
  • Legal Issues Pertaining to Human Resources
  • Monitoring Compliance with State Certification Requirements
  • Serving as the District Affirmative Action Officer and Title IX Officer

Start Date:   July 1, 2014

Salary Range: $135,000 - $152,000 
Applicants must have or be eligible for Connecticut certification as an Intermediate Administrator/Supervisor (092)
Position is open until filled.  Review of applications begins in late April/Early May.
Please visit our website at: to complete an online application.
Windsor Public Schools   EOE


Contact Name Mark Winzler
Contact Phone 860-687-2000 (229)