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Legislative and regulatory changes can have a great impact on the business management of schools.  CASBO monitors such changes, provides input as appropriate, and strives to keep members up-to-date.  CASBO works cooperatively with related organizations to coordinate advocacy efforts.  During the legislative session, links will be provided to track pertinent proposed legislation. 

CASBO has engaged a Director of Government Affairs, David Lenihan, to monitor, interpret impact and inform CASBO members about legislation and regulation changes.

Legislative Process

How does a bill become law?  Wondering how to make your voice heard?


Tracking Legislation

You can create a list of bills to track and receive notifications when action is taken upon them.


Find Your Legislators

You can identify and contact your legislators through a search by address.


What Will Our Children Lose

The What Will Our Children Lose Coalition is a collaborative effort of CABE, CAPSS, CAS & CASBO.


CT General Assembly

The General Assembly meets for a long-session in odd-numbered years and a short-session in even-numbered years.  



CASBO has published several papers on shared services, hiring guide, etc.


Current Legislative Initiatives

Legislative Blog

Stay up to date on current legislative issues; post correspondence that you have had with your legislators, and more!

CASBO Testimony

See current bills of interest to CASBO members and view the testimony that has been submitted.

The What Will Our Children Lose Coalition is a cooperative effort of CABE, CAPSS, CAS, & CASBO.

These are the links to related organizations and State agencies.

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