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CASBO Publications

CASBO dedicated to serving as a valuable resource to members, school districts, and interested parties.  We have several publications that available for download by clicking on the title.  Printed copies of some are also available - to request a printed copy, please email


Shared Services White Paper

Connecticut has a long history of seeking ways to reduce costs through cooperation.  The most visible results of this effort have been the creation of regional school districts (RSD) and Regional Education Service Centers (RESC), but there are many other ways communities and school districts can and have worked together to reduce costs.   In a recent survey, 94% of responding districts participate in some type of shared services or purchasing with another district, RESC or town.  Over 92% participate in at least 3 areas and 76% participate in 5 or more areas of shared services or purchasing.  This paper examines the opportunities, challenges, and details of cooperative efforts throughout the State.


School Business Official Hiring Guide

This resource is meant as a starting point to help you determine what you’re looking for as a district begins the search for a school business official. We have divided the process into six steps:

1.      Determine the Role of Your SBO:  Begin by filling out the task and function checklist to understand the scope of duties that you want your school business official to perform. This will provide a frame-of-reference as you continue on to the next step in the process.

2.     Determine Title, Qualifications & Salary Range:  Based on your decisions in step one, use the chart of typical titles and qualifications as a guide in your search for a qualified candidate.

3.     Create a Job Description:  Use the sample job descriptions included as a springboard to create a job description that matches specifically with the tasks and functions for your school business official. These documents are also available online for you to customize. Find them at

4.     Find a Qualified Candidate:  Once you have decided the role of your school business official, and determined your desired qualifications, list the job posting on CASBO’s website under Member Services.

5.     Interviewing & Selection:  Determining whether you’ve found the right candidate is all about asking the right questions! Use the sample list of interview questions to get started as you narrow down the field of potential candidates.

6.     Commit to Their Professional Growth:  CASBO provides an array of resources and opportunities to help your newly hired SBO reach their potential. Start with this document to see what offerings meet their specific needs.


School Business Official Primer

This document has been developed to assist school business officials who are entering into the field with some basic information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the school committee and the school district administration, as defined by Connecticut General Law. It also will serve to communicate how a school organization may function in practice. This is particularly important because in all non-profit environments, there is more work than actually can be accomplished with the limited resources available. This makes it increasingly important to understand who is doing what, as well as where, when and why, so that the administration and committee can work in concert to accomplish the vision, mission, and goals of the organization efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the students.


Briefs Newsletter

CASBO Briefs is a bi-monthly electronic newsletter featuring news and articles of interest to school business officials, superintendents, IT directors, payroll and general support staff.

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